Aufmaster: Easy. Precise. Spot on.

The cable measuring device for automatic documentation and inventory.

Aufmaster with display from smartphone

Aufmaster is a system consisting of software and a digital measuring device that automatically records and documents cable lengths on the construction site.

Electric companies know the challenge: documenting cable measurements on the construction site is tedious and error-prone work. Measurements are written down by hand on pieces of paper that eventually end up in the office, having be deciphered and typed up in a time-consuming manner. Inventory of cable lengths stored on drums or coils is also a time-consuming process.


With Aufmaster, HELUKABEL now has a solution in its portfolio that allows users to easily digitise the creation of measurements or the determination of remaining lengths, thus saving a lot of time and money: Aufmaster is a system that combines software with a digital measuring device that automatically records and documents cable length by connecting the inner end of reeled cable with two clamps. This all being done while work is in progress.

When a technician cuts a piece of cable, the determined length is automatically transmitted to the Aufmaster App, which is transmitted to a tablet or smartphone. The remaining length of cable drums and coils in the warehouse can also be quickly and easily recorded with the Aufmaster.

Data is transferred via the Internet in real time to the company account at Aufmaster Plus. The software manages multiple measurement projects, inventories and several measuring devices attached to different cable drums. It can also be used to track and document the measurements live.

The result: significantly less effort for measurement recording and documentation – and thus more efficiency and time for new projects.

You can now order the Aufmaster from HELUKABEL. Our sales department will be happy to help you with any questions you may have!

Find out more about Aufmaster on the Aufmaster website.