Complete Systems for Energy Supply, Data Transmission and Earthing

At SPS 2023 (14 - 16 November, Nuremberg), the HELUKABEL Group will exhibit its extensive range of electrical connection technology solutions. Our focus will be on industrial automation and we will be located in Hall 2 at Booth 230/231. Visitors will be able to explore drag chains, coordinated cable programmes and modern earthing concepts for industrial plants and production lines amongst other offerings.

HELUKABEL's booth at SPS 2022

HELUKABEL will be showcasing complete systems for energy supply, data transmission and earthing at SPS 2023.

Electrical connection technology has been HELUKABEL's specialty for 45 years. In the meantime, the company also offers complete system solutions from a single source. For cable cable guidance and protection HELUKABEL subsidiary EKD Systems specialises in tailor-made cable carriers made of steel, stainless steel and plastic, which are used, for example, in mobile machines and systems as well as in automation. In parallel with this, HELUKABEL provides users with an extensive cable portfolio that covers all requirements, from cost-effective products to the highest quality level. With Sangel Systemtechnik GmbH, another HELUKABEL subsidiary takes care of the assembly of the cables, customers can obtain completely pre-assembled and ready-to-install assemblies. This minimises the installation complexity and streamlines the procurement processes.

Space and Weight-Optimised Drag Chain Cable

For situations demanding heavy mechanical stress in drag chains, HELUKABEL offers state-of-the-art continuous-flex cables belonging to the MULTISPEED series. These cables exhibit exceptional qualities like tight bending radii, high abrasion resistance, and are available with PVC, PUR, and TPE sheaths amongst others. Furthermore, these cables can be delivered promptly and efficiently owing to HELUKABEL's modern logistics concept. The fully revamped Multispeed 522-TPE UL/CSA will debut at SPS for the first time. This cable boasts UL and CSA certifications while being up to 10 per cent thinner than comparable PUR versions, making it an ideal choice for cramped quarters. The reduced weight of these cables conserves energy during motion, with the superior TPE sheath compound offering the best abrasion properties.

Multispeed 522
For situations demanding heavy mechanical stress, HELUKABEL offers state-of-the-art continuous-flex cables belonging to the MULTISPEED series.

Customised Grounding Schemes with Easy Installation

Application of the Copper Earthing Strap

Another key aspect at the HELUKABEL stand this year is the subject of earthing. This is gaining momentum in industrial automation, because a growing number of machines and systems function side by side in a confined area, and their electromagnetic fields can have an impact on one another. To avoid EMC interference, HELUKABEL offers various earthing straps, protective conductors, and additional accessories, including a quick-mount earthing block, allowing users to create a bespoke and practical grounding scheme with little installation difficulty.

Data and Control Cables for Robotics

HELUKABEL's range of industrial automation products includes the ROBOFLEX series of data and control cables, specifically designed for use on highly dynamic and three-dimensional industrial robots. These cables can withstand tension, compression, bending and torsion reliably. In addition to this, the ROBOFLEX series boasts excellent oil resistance and can withstand the negative effects of weld spatter.

A variety of data, network and bus cables are at your disposal. HELUKABEL offers HELUKAT copper and HELUCOM fibre optic cables with exceptional transmission capabilities, even in challenging conditions. As a reliable collaborator in drive technology, HELUKABEL also offers servo drive motor, encoder and hybrid cables, as well as their corresponding accessories. The TOPSERV Hybrid single-cable solution series cater to known digital interfaces, like DSL, EnDat, or EtherCAT. This applies to both PVC and PUR versions. HELUKABEL provides cables conforming to standard norms like UL, suitable for deployment in the global mechanical engineering industry.

Curious? Visit HELUKABEL at SPS 2023. You will find us in Hall 2, Stand 230/231. Reserve your complimentary ticket for the event here.