The C denotes a copper screen and the Y denotes a PVC outer sheath (F denotes fine wire Class 5),

This description alone will not guarantee the purchaser quality, standards or even functionality.

  • The primary reason for choosing a screened cable is to achieve EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility). All of our copper screened cables are EMC, with 85% Braid coverage (+/-5%).
  • Designed for flexible use with free movement without tensile stress or forced movements in dry, moist and wet rooms but not outside.
  • To be used as control and connecting cable in control and regulation technology, in the tool and machine building industry, in computer systems, as well as a signal cable in the electronic industry.
  • A stabilising foil separator between wire bound and braid reduces the outer diameter essentially and allows for smaller bending radius as well as lower weights. The disturbance free transmission of signals and impulses is ensured due to the high degree of screening.