PROFInet Types A and B

PROFINET standards have traditionally be divided into three classifications – Type A, B and C. At HELUKABEL UK, we stock the most common types of PROFINET cables including Type A and Type B.

  • Type A – solid conductor for fixed installation
  • Type B – stranded conductor for some movement or areas exposed to vibrations

As technology has changed to more automated equipment in industrial applications, customers are shifting from using systems that use PROFIBUS protocol to ones that use PROFINET due to the increased data transmission rates required to maintain operational efficiency in real-time.

Furthermore, dynamic requirements – acceleration, speed, etc. – have increased and created more mechanical stress and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Increased EMI is a byproduct of robot density, i.e. more robots in the same production cell, and the higher speeds because in order to produce the required acceleration, the motors need more power/torque. Additionally, EMI can be found in the application where the robot is used, e.g. a painting or handling robot experiences a lower EMI load than a welding robot, since the welding process generates a certain level of EMI.